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Welcome to Stay Upright

Come ride with us!

Stay Upright’s reason for being is simple: to enable riders to reduce their risk in the road, track and off road environments. Just knowing where to position your bike, how to use your motorcycle’s controls efficiently and effectively and how to make yourself seen are all concepts we have been coaching since 1981. Founder Warwick Schuberg has a deep passion for educating riders in how they can take their riding to the next level – this remains to this day.

Stay Upright does this by helping motorcyclists understand the combination of mental and physical skills we just know work. SU is proud to share the systems, skills and ways of thinking that can help take the fright out of your riding and add in the fun – that’s usually the reason we all ride.

We coach riders to earn their motorcycle licence across Australia, then offer pathways to improve road skills through the SU Roadsmart range of courses. We also love assisting riders to take their riding off road on Adventure bikes, or take to the track with our Race School and Ride Days, or gain their required accreditation for ATV and utility vehicles.

Stay Upright is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), is ASQA-accredited and is also accredited to provide training and testing services by VicRoads, NSW RMS, the ACT Government and Queensland Transport and Main Roads.

You can browse and book here, or if you aren’t sure which course suits you, or simply want to discuss, call us on 1300 366 640 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

We coach well, we coach right!


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